I’m Still Standing, Part II

2013.11.17 17:17

Prescott Perez-Fox's desk
My battlestation

My desk is essentially one giant Ikea hack. The desk is a GALANT series desktop (63″ x 31.5″), stood on VIKA KAJ adjustable legs. I actually have the extension desktop in my closet, but given that I now live in a studio, I don’t quite have the room for more desk. Along with the desk, I have a TERITAL lamp clamped onto my bookshelf, and a second FABIAN shelf above the main keyboard and monitors. To the shelf, I attached a strip of DIODER LED lights which provides some nice overhead light without being completely overwhelming.

Prescott Perez-Fox's desk
Two Macs, three screens, shelf and printer in distance

Getting the height right was a bit of a hassle. At first, I set up the desk with each leg extended to a particular height. It was a bit unscientific, I admit, but I got it up and running for a while back in December last year, a full month after moving in. After a few weeks at that height, I realised that I needed a few extra inches because I was leaning over the surface and putting pressure on my right wrist when using the tablet. A few dozen turns of the leg and I managed to find a more suitable height for typing, drawing, mousing, and otherwise taking care of business.

Prescott Perez-Fox's desk
My Hackintosh, hanging from hooks and off the floor

Prescott Perez-Fox's desk
The famous cart

Under the desk I reused an old kitchen cart to hold my NASs, scanner, and black & white laser printer. This solution seemed to happen quite by accident, as the idea was pretty much a temporary solution while I was finding a place for things after the move. Turned out it fit nicely under the desk, and even wheeled out when I needed to open up the scanner or fish out some jammed paper from the printer.

Prescott Perez-Fox's desk
Surge protector, mounted to the underside of my desk

Prescott Perez-Fox's desk
From nearest, the surge protector, modem, and router (hanging on for dear life)

The real innovation, if I can even call it that, is the cable management. To the underside of the desk, I have mounted not only the tower of my Hackintosh using some standard screw-in hooks from the hardware store, but also the surge protector, modem, and router. This means that absolutely nothing is left sat on the floor, and no wires have to dangle from desk level to the floor and back. I purchased a cable channel which I cut down to fit the desk length. Even in choosing a 2″ x 2″ channel, I seem to have filled it up pretty good, and some areas are completely stuffed. I can’t imagine what it would look like if I just let it all fly loose without regard.

Prescott Perez-Fox's desk
The cable channel, keeping everything tidy

Prescott Perez-Fox's desk
Back of the tower, always a rat’s nest

It’s always a work in progress, though. I still think the back of the computer is a mess of cords. The monitor arms could be neater, the lighting could be better. I’m starting to crave and adjustable height desk for times where I want to sit and dig in to some serious work, and of course who couldn’t use a dedicated office space in general.

But for an improvised Ikea hack tucked into a Manhattan studio, it’s a good start.

And just for fun, check out my old desk from August 2007. If memory serves, I had just moved into my second apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and had just got myself set up. Clearly, I didn’t have a set spot for the Powerbook at that time. It’s actually the same desk, obviously without the above-described hacks.

Prescott Perez-Fox's old desk from 2007

  • Nice! I’m tempted to try the standing desk for a little while. Gotta actually take the time to set it up though.

    • I definitely recommend try before you commit. Adjustable is the way to go, IMO, although it does add to the price tag. Even if you stand for an hour per week, it’s nice to have the option.

  • Your caption really worth your writing and images.


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