An App I Want

2013.08.28 8:08

Here’s something I thought of that I would love to have, but have never seen. Allow me to describe:

I want to a way to send files to myself from my various computers. Work to home, laptop to desktop, desktop to parents. Obviously, I could use a cloud-storage system like Dropbox (which I love), except that I want this file transfer to be a one-way shove, rather than a sync across all devices. For example, if I download a video at work, but I know I can’t watch it till I get home, I want to drop it in a wormhole, and when I get home, the video will automatically download itself to my desktop. It’s no longer available online anywhere, it has simply moved through space-time.

Is such a thing possible? Does an app like this exist? It seems only a few steps off from the current Dropbox — or for that matter, old-school FTP — capabilities. The tricky part is that my home computer sleeps during the day while I’m at work, so there’s have to be a server involved somewhere to temporarily store the files. Same would apply if, for example, I had a backup computer tucked in a closet or at my parents house that only gets turned on every few months.

Can anyone recommend an app for this? Does anyone want to build it with me?

  • 800px Deep

    why cant you use dropbox and remove the video from your dropbox folder before you view it. that way it wont exist in two places.

    That issue of omni-present files seems to be the crux of your issue.

    • Right, but I’m looking to automate one additional step. I don’t want to have to remember to check my Dropbox “videos to watch” folder. I want the shit to just appear when I turn on my home computer. This could also be used to keep files up to date, perhaps if you’re dropping a new logo into an assets folder.

  • I gotta admit…I kinda got ya but totally don’t have a clue at the same time. Good post though.

  • ben

    Transmit for FTP and an amazon s3 server for hosting perhaps? For online backup, backblaze has a good reputation.


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