The Week in Tweet for 2009-11-08

2009.11.08 20:20
  • Total motown party in affect at starbucks. Caffeine plus music equals feeling good. #
  • only the Japanese are insane enough to create, and patient enough to test, this hidden level from Mario World. #
  • I like the re-design of #
  • In case you're wondering, yes, times square is still completely insane. #
  • Scientists Dissect Co-Worker To Find Out More About Scientists. #
  • Facebook ads are pretty ridiculous, no? #
  • but Google Maps doesn't yet show the PATH stations, and shows stupid Ms instead of dots, as they are in NY. Typical Google. #
  • Google Maps finally adds Subway lines to NYC: – take that, OnNYTurf #
  • is anyone else completely exhausted on Friday nights? Maybe I should stop going out of Mondays and Wednesdays. #
  • The words no man ever wants to hear: "Your estimated wait time is 15 minutes. Your call is important to us, continue to hold." #
  • ok people, if your customer service phone number has MIDI hold music, please make the loop longer than 3 bars!! #
  • when launching Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and Bridge simultaneously, a splash screen should appear of a fat man having a heart attack #
  • RT @embereye Happy Guy Fawkes Day! Remember, remember the 5th of November. Gunpowder, treason and plot. (Plot… NaNoWriMo? What?) #
  • going to work on-site for the first time in four months. Not used to getting dressed this early. #
  • Grumbly stomach. More Kit-Kats please. #
  • in the spirit of productivity, I am leaving this website immediately: #
  • I can't tell if the missppelling is ironic or intentional: #
  • if an alien race of intergalactic travelers invades New York, a protest sign will be of little to no use. Stop complaining, for once. #
  • 5 years ago today I dislocated my finger playing rugby, and suffered one of the worst days of my life. #
  • although I haven't used Windows in years, I enjoy listening to Windows Weekly. Mainly because of @thurrott and @leolaporte's rapport. #
  • RT @juleslov: went to starbucks, coffee was dispensed into a xmas cup. ugh. #
  • Wild Bear Kills Two Terrorists: #
  • anyone want to go with me to see The Moth in Brooklyn? It's late notice, I know. #

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