Warning: Everything Leaks

2007.09.08 19:19


Apple recently debuted a series of new iPods to add to their now-massive line. For once this is not a commentary about brand extensions, but rather about leaks.

A few days prior, images were leaked on Engadget depicting a potential new design for the iPod nano. Apple told them to take it down, which they did, but it was the latest in a continuing trend of leaks. Last year, dozens of images leaked about the iPhone and what that might look like. As a result, no one was surprised.

But it’s not only Apple. Remember that OJ manuscript that leaked after the book release was cancelled? How about nude photos of all those celebrities? Or the final Harry Potter book that popped up online a few days prior to release. And that’s not even touching on all the stuff in Washington that leaks.

It seems that these days nothing is safe from leaks. The Internet era is about information, and since every citizen (netizen?) has a voice, it makes secrecy that much more of an ordeal.

Just a word of warning. But an interesting thought would be to eliminate secrecy altogether. Let the public know what you’re working on and keep them informed of the progress. Some companies keep a product blog, and inform people of how things are going. Why not do the same for books, movies, legislation, etc.?

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