The Hipster PDA

2007.04.22 12:12

my Hipster PDA

Everyone at works things I’m a bit bizarre because I keep a binder-clipped stack of discarded Murphy’s Law quote-of-the-day calendar sheets on my desk. I use it to write stuff on, like a notepad, but less wastefull because I am re-using a resource that would otherwise go straight in the bin without serving any purpose.

Turns out the idea isn’t entirely mine. Merlin Mann, productivity guru and host of The Merlin Show, recently talked abou the “Hipster PDA”, which he had written about previously on 43 Folders, his productivity site.

The Hipster PDA is really nothing more than a series of note cards binder clipped together. I think in that case, it’s more of a rejection of technology and being low-tech chic. That whole “Burn the Blackberry” sorta thing.

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